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Topic for Discussion: How Spirit Guides Ensure You Stick to Your Life Path
Your Spirit Guides make sure you stick to your life path and really, they control it in many way. In this show, discover the various ways your Guide does that.

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What do You Need to Improve Your Life?

The Oralin Store has lots of goodies (and is always adding more) to help you improve your quality of life, decrease stress, expand your awareness, develop your abilities, and connect to and understand how Spirit influences your life. Check back often to see what's new and make sure to join the mail list.

Below are some common issues from clients and a few product and service suggestions that have been known to help give insight or resolve the issue. It's not a complete list. but a starting point so if you are not sure, contact Wendy for suggestions specific to you.

Help..."I feel confused, lost, alone, frustrated...I need insight or guidance into a life issue or problem and want to know more about my future!

When you have a problem, connect to Spirit for insight! You'll often be given guidance, inspiration or encouragement. Spirit may try to help you see the issue from a new or different perspective. Sometimes, you'll just receive confirmation that all is well and you are on the right path.

Help has arrived! If you are wondering about your future then connecting to Spirit can be very helpful. You can be given clues about it or be told of upcoming events. You might be given guidance on helping you to achieve your hopes and dreams. Sometimes, you'll just get a sense of peace that allows you to release all that worry and stress and to just take one day at a time.

A little understanding goes a long way. You'll know that you are not alone and that Spirit is walking the path with you. If this is how you are feeling, the following products or services could help you:
Ask Any Question Reading by Email
Ask Any Question Reading by Phone, Skype, Zoom, Messenger Phone or Chat
Find a Reading by Email for Needed Insight or Guidance
Remove Energy Blockages Affecting Your Ability to Meditate
Distance Cleansing and Protection by Wendy for the Aura or your Home or your Workspace
How to Cleanse and Protect Your Living or Work Space eBook
Contact Wendy for Suggestions Specific to You

Help..."I feel stuck - nothing is happening in my life or the same lousy things keep happening to me."
Get rid of past energy influencing you.

It's awful when you have experiences that make you think "why does this keep happening to me?" You can feel like you are repeating the past or the same patterns in life. You might not see things changing. This often leads to feeling a loss of control or free will. What you want or desire in life seems like it is never going to happen. Often, that type of experience comes from resolving karma or learning a life lesson. It can be very frustrating. If this is how you are feeling, the following products or services could help you:
Ask Any Question Reading by Email
Ask Any Question Reading by Phone, Skype, Zoom, Messenger Phone or Chat
Find a Reading by Email for Needed Insight or Guidance
Focused Distance Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing with Wendy
Distance Cleansing and Protection by Wendy for your Aura or your Home or your Workspace
How to Cleanse and Protect Your Living or Work Space eBook
Contact Wendy for Suggestions Specific to You

Help..."I have health issues that traditional medicine isn't helping - is there anything I can do?".

While traditional medicine certainly has it's place in healing, you might want to try another method to help improve or resolve an issue. It's possible that what you are experiencing could be coming from an energy blockage. When the energy in your physical, emotional or spiritual body has a blockage then your energy becomes unbalanced. This means some areas of the body get more energy than they should and some don't get any possibly resulting in physical ailments, pain, and dis-ease or emotional and mental issues. Keeping the energy pathways flowing helps you achieve the best quality of life possible. Blockage clearing and balancing is not a replacement for traditional medicine but can certainly work well with it.

Blockages are created by repetitive negative thought patterns, surgery, accidents, eating poorly or not taking proper care of yourself, stress, etc. Even if you resolve an issue, the energy (thoughts, emotions) that you had while working through the issue can still be influencing you because they still exist in your personal energy or even the energy in your home. It's time to clear those old energies out and start fresh! If this is how you are feeling, the following products or services could help you:
Focused Distance Energy Blockage Clearing and Balancing with Wendy
Distance Cleansing and Protection by Wendy for your Home or your Workspace
How to Cleanse and Protect Your Living or Work Space eBook
Contact Wendy for Suggestions Specific to You

Help..."My home feels heavy. I hear banging or strange noises in my home. I often feel depressed, angry, scared, have negative thoughts and often have headaches, neck/shoulder/back pain. I've even had nightmares where I'm being attacked or really bad things happen".
Help has arrived!

Contrary to some beliefs, the Divine does not want you to suffer and you do not have to prove your faith by suffering.

The Divine loves you as you are without judgment. If you think you need to suffer to please the Divine - that's your own belief/choice or someone else trying to convince you of that. Take action to live in peace and harmony.

Have you ever wondered, "What is wrong with me - why can't I feel happier?" If you are self-critical or having bad thoughts about yourself or others and it's been happening for a while then it's possible you have negative energy around you that needs to be removed. Some people even say to themselves, "Is there a a negative entity attached to me?"

If you just got "the chills" or felt icky, after reading that then you most likely have negativity that is influencing you.

It's extremely important to walk in the light and to choose a path of love and that starts by making sure you are not attached to any negativity. You need to ensure that your aura, home and workspace is as free from negative energy as possible. It can make huge differences to your life and how you and others around you feel and act.

Now, if you've started to feel frightened or tense...relax. It's nothing to freak out about and is typically easy to fix. You just need to take action. If this is how you are feeling, the following products or services could help you:
Negative Entity Attached to You? Get Rid of It Now! Learning Lecture
Distance Cleansing and Protection by Wendy for your Aura or your Home or your Workspace
How to Cleanse and Protect Your Living or Work Space eBook
Contact Wendy for Suggestions Specific to You

"Help...I want to develop my psychic gifts, but don't know how or I'm not sure I'm doing things right. I don't understand some of the things I'm experiencing".

Development is fun but it can be daunting. There is sooooo much to learn and there are so many people sharing their techniques - who do you trust? It's something you need to take seriously because when you work with Spirit and energy, what you do and how you do it influences your experiences, what type of progress you can make on your path and what type of communication you'll have with Spirit.

Heavenly GuidanceIf you are just starting to develop, you want to ensure you are doing things right and have access to someone who has walked the path and can share knowledge that is going to benefit you.

If you have been developing for a while and are having unusual experiences, you might just need confirmation that you what is happening to you is what is supposed to be happening to you. Doing something incorrectly can limit your progress. Developing your connection to Spirit decreases stress and gives you guidance any time you need it. Strengthening your own connection to Spirit by developing your own spiritual gifts is an invaluable tool that benefits you for the rest of your life. If this is how you are feeling, the following products or services could help you:
Ask Any Question Reading by Email
Ask Any Question Reading by Phone, Skype, Zoom, Messenger Phone or Chat
Find a Reading by Email for Needed Insight or Guidance
eBooks for Psychic Development and Spiritual Understanding
Contact Wendy for Suggestions Specific to You

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Archangel Ariel Guided Visualization for Ascension Energy Alignment

Last Updated: July 3rd
Archangel Ariel Guided Visualization for Ascension Energy Alignment
~ Click to Order Now

This is a guided visualization given to Wendy by Archangel Ariel to help align and balance out your energy and to help you through the ascension process that is currently happening in July 2020 and will carry through for the next few months. If you are currently experiencing ups and downs in emotions and other energy release symptoms (crying for not reason, physical issues, etc.) then this is meant to help with the process. It is recommended that you do it daily with breaks as needed. Follow your intuition.

Past, Present, Future - Need to Know or UnderstandUpdated: July 28th
Past, Present, Future - Need to Know or Understand
~ Click to Order or Learn More Now
This reading gives you insight into your past, present and future so you get to do a little comparison of what you have been through, what you are going through and what you can expect for your future.

Wendy says a prayer and asks the Divine to give you what you need to know or understand for each time period in your life. There is no time limit, she writes down what she is given.

~ Click to see all Specials available.

Need a Reading or Support?

~ Click to learn about Readings / Support
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~ Click to see Reading Queue. (opens in new window)

Readings allow you to communicate with those in Spirit who want to help or contact you whether it is a Spirit Guide, a Spirit Teacher, a Guardian Angel, an Archangel, an Angel, a Master, or even a loved one that has passed on.

Wendy uses her psychic gifts of seeing in Spirit, hearing Spirit, feeling energies, or intuitive knowing to receive information. Reading/support helps you gain insight into your life, healing or to understand your spiritual gifts and experiences.

Ask your own question(s) or choose from commonly asked questions. Make questions general or specific. Specific works better, gets you answers faster, is more focused and typically gives you better information. General or vague questions lead to general or vague answers that allow Spirit to answer in broader terms.

Ask questions about any life issue (love, career, karma, finances, soulmate, next love, current love, relationship, auras, spirit guides, past lives, etc.) Health questions answered from a spiritual perspective. No medical advice or diagnosis. Connect with loved ones that have passed into Spirit however, she can't control whether they'll show up or how they'll communicate with her.

Ask questions on spiritual development or experiences. Perfect if developing your own connection to Spirit, have abilities or are having experiences that you don't understand.

Heavenly Guidance
Why Have You Been Led to Oralin?

Ah, you've been guided to find us! That means we have something to offer you that will improve or change your life in some way.

Nobody likes to suffer or feel lost in life. Walking a path that feels dark because you just don't know what to do to change things for the better is a horrible feeling. Maybe you just lack a little knowledge that could allow you to spread your wings and soar to new heights.

You have the opportunity to access tools to add light to your life and push out any darkness. All of products and services offered lead to further enlightenment. You might need spiritual counseling for insight. Maybe a bit of encouragement or inspiration would be beneficial to you at this time in your life. A little knowledge or "how to" training/coaching can vastly change your life path.

Just know that the door has been opened and trust you'll be led to what is needed.

Wendy's Diary - Tales of Living in the Light...
Listen to your Body

Posted: August 4
I'm really starting to enjoy this new energy. Okay, I'm not enjoying the releasing process, but I'm starting to see "the good stuff" I was told about by my Guides manifesting. Little things - nothing major, but they are fun and "delightful" feeling. There is a lightness and happiness to it all.

For example, a few days ago (after the day of the live show) I decided to go grocery shopping. Now this wasn't for your typical grub. This was for what I would term specialty food - items I can't get in town. It was going to be a day of travel (or at least hours) so before I left home, I threw a few water bottles in the freezer so I had "ice packs" because I knew it was going to be another hot day (close to 30 Celsius) and I was buying frozen food as well as foods that could melt.

Unfortunately, I forgot it was a long weekend here in Ontario, Canada (to be honest when you work from home and own your own business the days roll into one and holidays don't normally exist...) but I soon remembered as I drove closer to my first destination!

As I was on the highway going South, I realized that traffic on the other side of the highway was slowing down and getting rather heavy because everyone started going up North for the long weekend. At that point I thought myself, "Oh no, I've got to come back this way and it's going to be awful." In that moment, instead of focusing on that thought I just decided to get to where I was going, do what I wanted to do and handle the next part of journey "in the moment". Why stress over what isn't happening yet?

I arrived at my destination and was delighted to discover that there wasn't a line up for the store as is so often the case now with Covid-19. I got in, got what I wanted and left within record time. Not only that, because this store was a European Speciality Store with a lot of healthy type foods I was also able to get a few items I planned on getting at another store! So I managed to eliminate one store from the list. Time to head out to my second store.

My home town Sobeys grocery store is often out of the baked potato chips I love - Old Dutch Creamy Dill - baked, not fried. So by using my GPS I found a Sobeys not far from where I was. My sense of direction sucks - always has - so a GPS is mandatory. My life changed when I got my first GPS as a gift from my sister. Traveling anxiety practically disappeared. That's another story...

So anyway, no line up at the store and I managed to not only get my chips, but also Grimm's Pepperoni which my home town Sobeys is also not carrying except in very large packages (how many does a person need???) - so that was a bonus!

Now to the next part of my journey which might take me back on the highway. Seize the Day So I use the app WAZE to get places and surprise, surprise ... WAZE did NOT take me on the highway. My immediate thought... "Seriously? You mean I'm going to miss all that heavy long weekend traffic?" I'm sure glad I didn't waste my energy worrying. In fact, WAZE took me through beautiful countryside! Lovely hills and greenery. Barely any traffic at all. It was really 30 minutes of what I would call a leisurely Sunday drive!

Next stop - no line up at the store again! Once again it was a quick in and out the store and then on to the Newmarket Mall! This was the first time I went into a mall since covid began. I had a hankering for Lindt chocolate truffles...yummy and yes I know the sugar is a no-no for me but I choose to get them and when I eat one - not to criticize myself for being weak or eating junk, but to say how much I love it and am enjoying it. My Spirit Guides have said that I do more damage to my body but being self-critical of what I eat than if I eat something I know isn't really healthy but enjoy it. So I'll try very hard to follow that rule.

Parking was really easy. The mall wasn't crowded at all. I found the store, got my stash and headed out once again.

At this point I realized that I was quite hungry. It was lunch time after all. In my wisdom, I had made myself a chicken sandwich for my journey so I didn't have to stop and get fast food which really does not make me feel well. I checked my GPS only to discover that the next place was only 15 minutes away so I decided to wait to chow down.

Another lovely country drive and I get to the store. No line up. I get what I want and leave. I check my groceries. The frozen water bottles have done the job and are still frozen and keeping the frozen stuff frozen and the cold stuff cold. Cool! (no pun intended)

I grab my sandwich and head home.

So why did I share with you my day's journey which is basically a food shopping spree? Well, throughout this journey everything went right. Completely stress-free. Relaxing. Enjoyable. In fact, I can't remember having a day like this in years.

I never thought about work at all - sorry everyone, but you just were not on my mind. I felt lighter. My mind was really quite empty - not much chatter happening. I listened to music and sang while driving. I wasn't even getting any of the symptoms of the energy releases so I got the day off (actually they started up again not long after I got home, but I did get a bit of break).

This whole day brought upon some reflection about what the future might hold. If this is what the new energy is going to be like all the time, bring it on! I've had a few "up" moments over the last few months, but this was special - hours of what I can only call delight!

Posted: August 2
Compassion Not Ego

Do you have one of those friends that needs to be right or are passive-aggressive? I know a couple of people like that. I've know them for years and years. I'm sure you all have friends or family members like that.

Over the years I've tried to share what I've learned through much suffering (and I mean years and years of suffering) with them so they might see their lives change for the better, but they don't want to hear it. They have their own beliefs of course and even though I know that what they believe is bringing hardship to them, there is little I can do.

Now perhaps in the past I also needed to be right or prove myself through helping them. Maybe it was my ego talking and not my true desire to help. Maybe it was my lack of self-love that yearned for their approval. It could even have been that I owed them in some way.

As the new energy settles in my body and the old crap is being released, I find myself at peace with being around them more and more. I have suddenly stopped worrying about being right or helping them. I've come to terms with the fact that they have their own lives and don't actually want or need the help even if they are complaining.

I understand now that they are suffering from a lack of self-love, need to be right or need to feel important even if they are hurting themselves through their actions or in-actions. Perhaps they are paying back karma and need to be doing what they are doing. Who am I to judge? I see that they are angry, hurt, fearful and dealing with things the best way they can.

My ego now seems to be saying, "who cares ... I'm good" - which by the way is what my Guides have been coaching me to say to myself when confronted with some of these situations. I really had no idea how much stress I was putting on myself by trying so hard to help them. I'm finally comfortable with who I am as a soul and a person. I accept my limitations. I realize I don't have to be everything to everyone and you know what? I'm way less stressed. Doing less, receiving more. Who knew?

When these people say things that I know will end up making their path more difficult or unhappy, I zip my lip. When I see their anger, hurt, fear or need to be right - I give them what they want - the need to feel important, the need for approval or whatever it is they are wanting and I feel at peace. I know and trust that if that person needs or wants help, they know where I am and can approach me for it. I choose compassion over ego.

Years and years ago my Spirit Guides told me that I would help others by simply living my life my way. They said others would watch and learn. They will start to wonder why their own lives are not going the way they want and wonder what I'm doing that seems to be working. I didn't understand it at the time, but I'm starting to now.

Listen to your Body

Posted: July 30
Here's a handy tip that will make your spiritual path much easier in some ways. Always record what Spirit shares with you "in the moment" if you can or as soon as possible after receiving the information.

You want to make sure what you receive is fresh in your mind. I know from experience that if you do not write down in your journal or psychic diary the things that any entity shares with you - including Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Spirit Teachers and even those who are at any level, two things might happen...

First of all, you might forget what was said or change the message in some way because you can't quite remember the exact words used (and that makes a difference).

Secondly, those in Spirit can remove the memory so you can't remember it and I had this happen and they even told me they removed it.

So record the message on your phone or computer in the moment, write it down as it is being said or write it down as soon as possible. Even writing down one message that doesn't have the exact words that Spirit used can make a different in interpretation. Who Do I Ask for Protection?

Posted: July 27
Have you ever been in a situation where you are frightened and maybe even think you are being influenced or attacked by a negative entity? Maybe you are having dreams with negative Beings attacking you. Maybe you just feel uncomfortable in a space. Maybe you have constant neck or back pain? Any of those things can be symptoms of negativity influencing you.

So if you want to ask for help from Spirit, who do you ask? Do you ask your Spirit Guide? No. Do you ask Jesus? Yes, you could. Do you ask Archangel Michael? Yes, you could. You can ask ANY ascended Master for help because their energy resonates at the same vibration as God or the Divine. Never ask a Spirit Guide because their energy does not vibrate at that frequency. If you are unsure of whom to ask for help, always ask God or the Divine. That energy - the Divine energy will delegate the best Spirit to help you. It doesn't matter whether you refer to that energy as God, the Universe, Goddess, Heavenly Father, Allah, or Jehovah ... as long as your intent is to access the highest energy vibration of love, you should be fine.

By the way, if you think you have a negative entity attached to you, get the course Negative Entity Attached to You? Get Rid of it Now

Listen to your Body

Posted: July 26
With all of the energy changes happening it's really important that you listen to your body. My Spirit Guides tell me this all the time and they are also sharing that tidbit of knowledge with my clients in their readings. It seems to be something that is very important and isn't just for the short term.

So this means that if you are tired, you need to rest. If you are hungry, eat something. If you are not hungry - don't eat. If you feel like moving and exercising then do it. Listen to what you body is saying to you. If you do, you'll get through that moment easier and faster. If you fight it, you'll prolong the experience. Of course, there are times where you will have to go against what your body is telling you. For example, if you have to go to work - go to work. Make the best choices you can. What am I releasing?

Posted: July 25
So over the last few days as I've been going through a bit of an emotional roller coaster, I decided to see if I could discover what exactly I was releasing. So I did a meditation and asked to be shown what I was releasing - what events, experiences, or emotions that were stored in my body that could now be released - were being released.

I immediately started to see flashes of various events from my past. They were events that would have obviously created negative thoughts and emotions during that time in my life. While it didn't make the emotional roller coaster any less irritating, sad, depressing, angry or whatever...it at least gave me a bit of understanding as to why I was feeling as I was. If this is something you would like to try, give a listen to my guided visualization by clicking here. This will open a new page on my podcast site or you can just look for the show on the player at the top of the page called Guided Visualization for Insight into Your Life that was posted May 20, 2020. When the visualization asks you to think about an issue you want to know more about, make the issue "what experiences am I releasing right now".

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